Our Services

Schilli Distribution Services offers a wide variety of logistics and supply chain managment services, including:

Finished goods distribution

The original core business of Schilli Distribution Services was managing the distribution of finished orders for our core customer Caterpillar Inc. Our services have expanded from supporting a single plant in Lafayette, Indiana to managing the distribution from multiple Caterpillar plants. Over the years we have enhanced to value to Caterpillar by establishing and export consolidation facility in Savannah, Georgia. This distribution model has resulted in reducing in process plant inventories by 8%, delivering product to the customers 7 days earlier, and reducing dealer delivery cost by over $12M annually.

Inbound material management

We provided a variety of inbound material management services ranging from coordinating inbound transportation to line sequencing materials from various vendors into kits for line side consumption at the assembly line. We not only manage customer owned inventory but also provide VMI services to help the customers reduce in process inventory while maintaining local safety stocking levels. From sorting, to kitting, to subassembly, we can provide the services required to fulfill your inbound supply chain needs.

Inbound material quality management

We provide a variety of inbound quality management services to assure that the parts and materials delivered to our customer meet their established specifications. Our services range from simple kitting to quality inspection and verification of customer specifications.

Global forwarding

Through various partner companies Schilli Distribution provides comprehensive global forwarding capabilities offering customers extensive coverage, multi-modal capabilities and a range of time-definite and flexible services tailored to meet their individual needs.

Transportation Management

Transportation costs are generally a large part of many company's operating budget. We can't eliminate these costs but our freight management service can help to keep them as low as possible. Using our proven transportation management systems and analysis tools we'll work to get the most from your public carrier and private fleet operations and reduce your workload along the way.

We begin by conducting a comprehensive evaluation of your company's transportation operations, your service needs, and your current transportation costs. We then compare this data to industry cost benchmarking standards and best practices to find the segments of your transportation operations that should be improved. We then prepare a strategic freight management plan designed to deliver measurable savings improvements.

We can take on the task of managing all or part of your freight transportation operations, either on-site or off-site, performing functional responsibilities for shipping, loss and damage prevention, claims, shipment expediting, and service quality management. We'll also track and report costs to you on a monthly basis in clear and concise formats.

Transportation Services

Schilli Distribution Services is an asset based company with operating authority that will provide dedicated company owned assets to support your transportation needs. SDS are also part of a large family of companies whose core business is transportation that we utilize to support our internal assets. The Schilli transportation companies include over 600 power units based east of the Rockies that can be assigned direct to a customer to provide the dedicated fleet that some customers desire.

We also utilize select partner carriers as needed to assist with surge capacity and enhance our ability to provide specialized equipment needed to support any transportation need.

Warehousing services

We provided all of the basic contract or public warehousing services utilizing our WMS to track all material movements. Utilizing FRID technology allows real time tracking of inventory as in moves through your supply chain. Our WMS can be integrated with our customers systems through a variety of file formats ranging from EDI to a simple flat file.

Our facilities are equipped with heavy lift equipment to support the large products we often handle. From overhead cranes to 60,000# forklifts we can handle any large machines safely and efficiently.

Container loading and unloading services

We have been loading containers since our business inception. As our customers products have grown in size, we have had to refine our process to load large generators and engines into container with less than 1 inch of clearance to help our customer remain competitive. In the process we have develop unique methods to accomplish this challenge yet maintain our history of damage free shipments.

Export crating

The value of shipments we handle can exceed $1 million dollars. To protect this valuable cargo we have been custom crating the orders to customer requirements. We also crate and package small parts to varying customer specifications. Making sure the products we ship arrive in perfect condition is a basic requirement of our services. We will work with our customer to assure their customers are satisfied.

Logistic partner services

Schilli Distribution utilizes a number of logistic partner vendors to provide the most cost effective supply chain solutions. We can provide many service with our own team of experienced associated but we can not be in all geographic locations in time to implement the solutions we design. We therefore partner with various transportation, warehousing and forwarders to bring your logistics solution on line faster. Our goal is to improve customers' competitiveness by increasing supply chain flexibility, reducing costs, minimizing risk and providing scalable services. All partners participate in our WMS system to always provide the product visibility that is the key to our partnership success.