Schilli Distribution Services facilities are equipped with state-of-the-art material handling equipment - ranging from overhead cranes, fork lifts to shuttle equipment - designed to meet your needs and specified by Schilli Distribution Services to provide the highest level of care and throughput for our customers.

Need distribution services near your production? As an asset-based provider of distribution services, Schilli Distribution Services will set up, staff and operate your facilities anywhere you have a need - on your property or near one of your facilities, we can provide the product distribution and materials managment serve you require nearly anywhere in North America. We offer state-of-the-art facilities that are fully enclose, providing a climate-controlled protected environment for your products.

Lafayette, IN

 - 230,000 SF

 - Lift capacity of 60,000#

 - Overhead crane capable of 30 tons

Griffin, GA

 - 110,000 SF

 - Lift capacity of 45,000#

 - Overhead crane capable of 25 tons

Hampton, GA

 - 46,000 SF

 - Lift capacity of 25,000#

 - Overhead crane capable of 10 tons

Newberry, SC

 - Up to 190,000 SF available

 - Lift capacity of 40,000#

 - Overhead crane capable of 10 tons

Savannah, GA

 - 156,000 SF

 - Lift capacity of 50,000#

 - Rail served

Dallas, TX

 - 75,000 SF

 - Lift capacity of 15,000#

 - Overhead crane capable of 10 tons

Coming Soon

 - Houston, TX