Schilli Distribution Services


Schilli Distribution Services provides worldwide distribution and logistics service for the world leader in earthmoving machinery and diesel engine manufacturing. We have been providing dedicated distribution support to many leading manufactures in the US since the mid-1990s. Over the years we have expanded our service offering to meet the changing needs of our customers. Our focus on excellent customer service, state of the art technology and providing our clients with complete process visibility has allowed Schilli Distribution Service to grow and expand our customer base and facility locations.

Our Mission: Deliver the best value added supply chain services by balancing the cost and speed while providing exceptional customer service.

Our Vision: Our people are our most valuable asset. By providing our staff with state of the art MRP and WMS systems our team provides our clients the process visibility needed to manage and reduce supply chain costs. Visibility, automatic event triggers and customized dashboards assure our clients they have complete control of their process.

Our Customers: The reason we exist is our customers. Reducing their supply chain cost and focusing on complete satisfaction and process visibility allow our customers to be more competitive in their market and therefore long term partners. By constantly listening to our customers’ needs and continually re-evaluating their supply chain needs and effectively translate these into customer-specific logistics services. As our highest priority, our work will fully support and satisfy our clients' business objectives.

Our Partners: We provide many services within a supply chain management process with our own team and assets. But to extend our capabilities and we also rely on our vendor partners to perform many of the physical services that our customers require. In order to ensure the quality of service provided to our customers, we utilize only those vendors who understand and share in our commitment to the customer and the quality process.

Our Organization: The foundation of our organization is the dedication and integrity demonstrated by our employees. We value our human resources as the key driving force of our business. We provide our employees with the latest technology and training to allow for their professional growth. We also respect their individual needs to fulfill their personal goals and provide flexibility in their work schedules to achieve their goals. By providing this flexibility we have built unbelievably loyal team that will always take that extra step to assure complete customer satisfaction.